2017-05-18 18:42:27 by SlashCrazySmirk

Sorry I've been EXTREMELY inactive lately. I felt demotivated but I'm better now. Plus I've been drawing a lot on paper rather than on the computer. Sorry again.


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2017-05-18 19:43:54

No need for apologies,man,it's normal to feel unmotivated(I believe that's the word) as an artist!Keep doing what you love and have fun!

SlashCrazySmirk responds:

Thank you so much. It's people like you why I do this and reading your comment was both surprising, (as it was interesting to have someone that I've never met give me such amazing words.) and encouraging at the same time. Once again, thank you so much!


2017-05-30 19:53:39

Don't mention it,I'm happy to help!